Friday, April 3, 2015

Ahhhh! Spring!

Returning home from the island of eternal summer to the northern land of cool and damp, can be a shock to the senses. Trading flip-flops and sleeveless tops for jeans and sweatshirts could cause serious depression, were it not for what spring brings to the NW garden!

The last few days have been partly sunny and mild, affording the opportunity to confront head-on the healthy crop of weeds that seem to want to creep into every available space in the garden beds. The added bonus for such attention is the breathtaking surprise to find primroses, turning their colorful little flowery faces up to catch the sun and shouting "It's Spring!

A few years ago I started collecting various types and colors of these wonderful, early blooming little harbingers of hope, and although I am miserable at cataloguing and keeping track of the varieties, I do remember from whence some of my little collection came.

 Two years ago, a bestie friend went to the Northwest Perennial Association spring sale, and acquired these old fashioned English Cowslips! They are presently my favorite, as they bring back fond memories of wandering along the English hedgerows during our residence there in the '80's. Being an Arizona girl, primroses were only something I ever read about, or saw in gardening magazines, but having been born in Cleveland, and my grandmother an avid gardener, I suspect I have a latent memory of them there.

"Down in the meadow where the cowslips grow"*
This  red primrose was a gift from a friend in my garden club! What a gorgeous color! 



Another beautiful pink one on the darkest green leaves you have ever seen. Notice the pink stems, too!
And, While Mother Nature had out her paint box, she whipped out a few blue ones !

The spring garden is full of wonderful surprises, and each day, nature surprises us with another little something to dazzle our eyes and gladden our hearts. Happy Easter Everyone!
* Susan Blue, by Kate Greenaway
OH, Susan Blue,
How do you do?
Please may I go for a walk with you?
Where shall we go?
Oh, I know–
Down in the meadow where the cowslips grow!

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