Friday, January 16, 2015

So Very Very Lucky

We have wonderful friends who invited us to be their guests at a beautiful tropical hideaway on Turks and Caicos, a tiny chain of islands nearest the Dominican Republic and not far from Cuba.
In the middle of this deep blue Atlantic Ocean sits this most beautiful place. The temperature is about 84 in the day time and 70 at night.
Everyone should have the privilege of staying someplace like this at least once!
By this afternoon, all the sun seekers will have filled these chairs.
And who can resist this beautiful water and sand? 
Today is a little cooler and breezier than it has been for the past 3 days but it still beats the 46 degrees at home! 

Anyone up for a little sail? 

Or a stroll thru the beautiful grounds? 
Or maybe, better yet. How about a nap? 


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