Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellowstone or Bust Day 7!

We checked out of our room early this morning, hoping to catch some nice shots of Grand Coulee Dam before the sun got too high in the sky.
We visited the gift shop and excellent little museum of the Confederated Colville tribes, the people most affected by the building of this magnificent dam, the first, and largest on the Columbia River system. Families were displaced, villages were lost, historical fishing resources were inundated, but the tribes are resilient and living with change.
Looking for a café for breakfast we discovered Flo's through a series of happy coincidences, shared a table with a lovely couple, and guess what? He turned out to be the Dam Manager!!! What a treat!

We learned from our breakfast companion that a coulee is a large geographical gully formed by glacial action. The grand coulee is filled with water, and sports some beautiful rock formations.

Our route home to Gig Harbor  took us thru Leavenworth, a Bavarian styled village near Wenatchee. apparently everyone wanted to go to Bavaria on Sunday, because we couldn't find a parking place in the town proper, so settled for a special treat at Zimmermans German bakery, to give us energy for the grueling 3 hour drive home! Note to self: Do not repeat that drive on a Sunday afternoon. I am sure the entire population of Seattle had evacuated last weekend, and were all traveling home at the same time.

We arrived home, fulfilled with the joy of our adventure, with memories for a lifetime. We did indeed reach Yellowstone National Park, and our trip was far from a bust!

Intrepid road trippers at Yellowstone entrance. 


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