Friday, July 12, 2013

Yellowstone Or Bust Day 3

Wednesday morning dawned bright and hot in Idaho Falls, and after breakfast at our hotel, we took a little drive to look at the "falls".

The scenic drive over an 8,000 foot pass was beautiful and very slow, but at one point we did have a glimpse of the Grand Tetons, and lots of little waterfalls, lush forests, and brilliant wildflowers. We arrived  in Jackson and I couldn't get through it quickly enough. 30 years ago this was such a lovely, uncrowded little out post... But Wednesday was so jammed with traffic, pedestrians and bicycles, it took us nearly 15 minutes to drive thru it. We stopped at the National parks Visitor center on the far end of town, picked up maps and information about the Tetons, and went on our way. 

The majesty of those mountain peaks made my heart sing with the old hymn "How Great Thou Art".

We enjoyed our picnic lunch at a stop on Jenny Lake, and then made our way to the South Entrance of Yellowstone Park. I think our National Parks are among the greatest treasures we, as Americans share, and much needs to be done to preserve them for our future generations. (No politics here.. I'll save the soapbox for another day).

I couldn't resist putting this sticker on my bumper! 

Arriving at Grant Village, we visited another of the excellent visitor centers provided for interpretive services, and garnered the advice of a seasoned ranger as to how best use our time in the park. 
A visit to West Thumb Geyser basin was most enjoyable, offering us a 1/4 mile loop boardwalk introduction to cauldrons, pools, fumeroles and bubbling mud pots! Mom suffers from osteoporosis, arthritis and the subtle after effects of a small stroke a few years ago, but she is such a trooper, and surprised even herself she could walk such a distance! 


Driving at sunset the 50 miles or so from West Thumb to West Yellowstone with the sun in our eyes and a bug spattered windshield obscuring my view was no fun, but our efforts were rewarded by finding an immaculate room at historic 3 Bear Lodge, and an amazing dinner of Elk Medallions over mashed potatoes! 

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