Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yellowstone or Bust Day 2

The Geiser Grand was a great place to spend our first night. Built during the 1863 gold rush, to service wealthy mineral barons. Sitting  in the glass ceilinged dining room one can almost imagine dancing girls in feathered chapeaus advertising their wares on the mezzanine above

Leaving Baker City, we rejoined 1-84, stopping at the Idaho welcome center, where we caught  our first glimpse of the Snake River, the most important tributary of the Columbia River, running some  1050 miles from its headwaters near Yellowstone Natl Park, and dumping into the Columbia near Pasco, WA. 

Meandering away from the interstate, we followed historic Highway 30 through Hagerman, stopping at the Fossil Beds National Monument Visitor center, where we watched a 12 minute film depicting the prehistoric development of the fossil beds and Snake river. 
We had been advised to drive thru Buhl and visit the Clover Leaf Creamery for ice cream on our way to Twin Falls.

Serendipitous advice should always be followed, I think. In this case, we discovered a treasure hidden in a tiny Western town, and if ever you get within 50 miles of Buhl ID, you'd best follow this advice, as well! the ice cream is home churned from milk and cream from this family's dairy. Never have I enjoyed such a delightful treat! 

Following highway 30 to Twin Falls, we made a short stop at Shoshone Falls, another event of the Snake river, here harnessed by a small power plant. 

The sun was beginning to sink in the west and we made haste the following 160 miles to our bed at Idaho Falls. Our reward for driving at sunset was the most magnificent view of the sun sinking behind a little hill, the sky above radiant in flame orange, and highlighted by silver lined clouds. Unfortunately, although I consider myself a good multi-tasker, I have not yet figured out how to take a photograph with my iPhone driving at 75 MPH! 

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  1. Love receiving your Blog. The photo attachments from Day 2 didn't come through. ;o(