Monday, July 8, 2013

Yellowstone or Bust! Day 1

The day is dawned as perfectly as a road trip day should. It's 53, and will be 60 by the time mom and I  leave my daughter Cathryn's in West Linn, OR.  The sky is summer robins egg blue  behind slightly tinged apricot clouds, and just enough of a gentle breeze to keep the air fresh.
Youngest daughter Cathryn and her daughter Xela waved us off, as we left their little Portland suburb, headed for our great adventure!


First stop was Vista House, a beautiful stone monument to preserving the aesthetic quality of nature whilst building a road. Winding thru several miles of lush forest, highway 30 nearly parallels fast paced I-84 through the Columbia Gorge, but gives us a chance to see beautiful hidden waterfalls along the way.

Multnomah falls is the second highest year round waterfall in the US. It's rainbow spray and roar of falling water reminds us of the magnificent power of nature. Mom loves waterfalls! 

We lunched at Bonneville Dam... A double edged sword.. Providing power to millions of households and industry in the NW, it also disrupts the flow of nature, in making it difficult for salmon and other native fish to migrate upstream to their spawning beds. The Army Corps of Engineers has installed fish ladders to facilitate  annual migrations and have viewing windows for visitors to enjoy the beauty of our salmon. Although the spring migration is finished, and the fall migration has yet to begin, we were able to see a few stragglers.

We doddled so long getting to the dam and eating lunch, we realized we would miss our tour at Pendelton, but could still reach the mill shop before closing time.

Pendleton still produces the original Chief Joseph striped blanket robe, along with myriad designs and products other than wool blankets. We enjoyed seeing all the beautiful colors and designs, but there were no real bargains, and we left the mill with appreciation for tradition, but our wallets intact.

Baker City still lay a hundred miles or so to the east, so we once more joined I-84, put pedal to the metal and made haste to dinner and bed! The Geiser Grand hotel is grand indeed, with a crystal chandelier in each room! Tres chic! 

Day 2 will take us into Idaho..... Zzzzzzzzzz... 


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