Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Years News!

Only twelve days into the New Year, and it doesn't even feel new any more! We always wait until January 6, the religious observance of the Feast of the Epiphany to put away our Christmas decorations, and although it was only a few days ago that we finished stowing (most of them) in the garage, it seems much longer than that. The holiday season of 2012 included an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet it passed so quickly, it all seems a blur in our memories.

The entertainment center complete with remote lighting led candles!

We did cram a lot into the holidays this year, and took advantage of every opportunity to make merry. We began by enjoying Thanksgiving with daughter Cathryn and her family in Portland, and then moved in with friends Micky and Steve for the remainder of that weekend. A visit to Piddock Mansion and shop til we dropped at Nob Hill on Thanksgiving Saturday put me in the mood to pull out all the stops with our Christmas decorating this year.

Enjoying a pick me up caffeine break at Starbucks Nob Hill

The next weekend found everyone here hearalding a visit from eldest daughter who lives in AZ. Carolyn wanted to christen my new raku kiln (source of a later blog), and the entire family turned out to join in the fun. We glazed, fired, mourned our losses and cheered our successes!

In addition to firing the kiln, we baked about a thousand cookies, and my beautiful daughters made 3 batches of caramels!!!
Several garden club friends enjoyed a farmhouse tea at Old Goat Farm in Orting where we were totally wowed by the beautiful and festive adornments. Every room of the house was lavishly but oh, so tastefully decorated, each in it's own theme.

The entry way into the Old Goat Farm! Can you imagine what else there was to see?
Music is such an important part of traditional Christmas observance, and after years of resolving to attend a classical concert during December, we finally managed to work in not just one, but two.
Mason Medhodist church was the perfect setting for the South Sound Classical Choir. A few days later, the Fox Island United church of Christ hosted a marvelous Messiah sing along which included the Peninsula Civic Orchestra, the Peninsula Choir, the C of C church choir, and many members of the congregation and general public. It was like sitting in the middle of a recording studio! Followed by dinner at another friends home, that day was certainly the perfect Advent Sunday!

We were so grateful the world didn't end on the 21st, we thought it fitting  to host a traditional German advent dinner with other Gig Harbor friends, and even threw in some classical English "Christmas crackers" with dessert. 

Judi and Jim larking around with the Christmas crackers before they all went POP!
The final "Christmas weekend" found us gathered as family once again when we attended the Cinderella Pantomime in Federal Way. If you have never attended one, I'd suggest you get a gaggle of friends together and go! Even the young adults and old adults and the youngest of our party got a few good laughs!

Now that I have recounted the highlights of December, and closed the Old Year of 2012, perhaps I'll move forward with some new blog posts for the NEW YEAR! Have a good one, everybody!

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