Saturday, September 1, 2012

50 Years Ago Today

I awakened with a start at 6:15 a.m., startled by the pain in my back, the abdominal cramp, feeling slightly nauseous, and generally just miserable. Hobbling to the bathroom, I knew something was not normal, and decided to call my doctor who I am sure was thrilled to be jolted out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday morning.  Dr. Anderman had made it clear from my first visit that I was the patient and he was the doctor who's advice was always to be faithfully followed.  It wasn't surprising then, when I complained that I couldn't possibly be in labor, I wasn't due for 3 more weeks, he simply said "Fine ... Come into the office later this morning, and I will see you then".
Very preggers me and the guy who helped!
Pacing the floor for a couple of hours I realized this strange cramping that was taking place was occurring with some sort of regularity, and thought perhaps I should keep track how much time elapsed between spasms. By mid-morning, hubby Paul thought it the better part of valor to put me in the car and take me to the doctor's office, silly me still insisting I must have the flu.

As my bulbous form was being helped out of the car, one foot in and one foot out, a flood of amniotic fluid gushed from within me like a dam had broken, soaking my clothes and filling my shoes! The doctors office, located in Beverly Hills was full of beautifully dressed and coiffed women awaiting their ob-gyn appointments and I didn't see a pregnant one in the bunch! Mercifully, prince charming led me to the receptionist, whispered "her water just broke" which must have been the magic password because the door opened and I was ushered immediately into an examining room and offered  towels for cleaning myself up.

A few minutes later a calm, cool, collected Dr. Anderman peeled off his rubber gloves and said to Paul, "Drive safely but go directly to the hospital. Don't go to your house for Barbara's bag, you can bring her things later. I will call them and tell them you are on your way". Prince Charming drove like a maniac on a road race the 20 or so minutes back to Culver City continuously asking if I was having another "pain" and how far they were apart. All's well that ends well.. and within 2 hours I held in my arms the most beautiful blessing God can bestow up on us, my beautiful, perfect, healthy baby. Our firstborn daughter had a little shock of blond hair, blue eyes, and the sweetest little rosebud mouth I had ever seen.
Carolyn's first formal portrait at 6 months
Fifty years is a long time, but passes in a flash. We don't see or feel the minutes and hours and days and months and years dissolve into a lifetime, until we pass a milestone like a child's 50th Birthday.
My daughter was a joy to behold as a baby, a laughing giggling toddler, with the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen. She was a loving helpful big sister as her youger sisters arrived, 2 and 7 years later, a smart student, and typical teenager. She is a talented artist, and succeeds at whatever challenge to which she applies her vast intelligence and skill set.
Carolyn with her loving JC in Hawaii. January 2012

Life has been full of ups and downs for this lovely lady, but to see her now, as a happy, accomplished woman, keeping step to her own drummer, fills my heart with pride for her. It is such a pleasure and privilege to know her now as not only my eldest daughter, but also my friend.
Happy Happy Birthday Carolyn!

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  1. What a beautiful story...The beginning and the middle with more to come.