Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bit o' Blarney!

Arriving Dublin at 8:15 AM, the mind says it's morning, but the body thinks its time for bed! We left springtime in Seattle, and arrived at the end of winter here. There is such a disconnect the first day or two of inter national travel. We didnt have to clear customs here, but did check in at Aer Lingus, got new boarding passes, breezed past passport check, and we're the only ones being checked thru security. We followed the signs to flight departures, and on the way discovered a huge marketplace with beautiful boutiques, gift shops, cafes, restaurants, and amenities for travelers. Imagine, at 9am, a place so brightly lit and filled with people, it feels like holiday season at the mall. There is a pennycandy shop, a Chocolate Lounge, an amazing gourmet natural foods cafe, a Kurt Geiger shoe store with stilettos reaching to the sky, and on and on. I cannot figure out how to transfer images from my iPad to this post, so it will go today without pictures. Later, when we are settled in at the Robinsons, near Bordeaux, France, I'll repost this with pictures.... We won't be making international phone calls, or texting due to the high cost of those connections. We would love to receive your emails at It's always nice to hear from a friend. Until then....

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