Monday, October 31, 2011

Where, OH Where?

     "Where oh, where does the time go"?  Said a friend to me on an email this morning. I wonder how time can pass so quickly.. minute to minute, hour to hour, season to season. Looking at my last post, I see that it published on September 22. How can it be, that I was thinking of  writing an entry about the beauty of Autumn the very next week, and already Hallowe'en is here? Blink! and it will be time for Christmas!
White pumpkin carved to look like ET!
      Two weekends ago I had the most wonderful privilege of taking a couple of my teenage grandchilren to a "pumpkin patch". Choosing and carving a pumpkin for Hallowe'en keeps us young, and adds frivolity to life while we remember our roots, and reminisce on times past. Perhaps to slow down the clock we need to try to make the most of every moment. Staying in the moment, enjoying and really experiencing everything about the present, may serve to slow down the passing of time, and help us to relish and grant value to not only what we say and feel, but to our time spent with other people, too. Spending that day with teenagers who still remember how to be kids made my heart glad, and reminded me to allow myself to play and have fun!
Trees in our neighbors yard that let us know Autumn is here!
     Autumn is, next to summer, my favorite season of the year. Summer is hedonistic, fleeting, full of barefoot pleasure, hot sun on bare skin, season of my birth... wonderful. But Autumn is sophisticated, smoky, rich with my favorite hues of bronze and copper and gold and orange. Especially Orange! Orange is symbolic of intense energy, but calmer than red and containing the cheerfulness of yellow. Autumn leaves, pumpkins, ripening pears and apples and berries and squash in the fields and markets bring us  the sensuality of a bountiful harvest. Autumn helps us reverse the anxiety of Spring with a calm, orderly opportunity to fill our larders, stow summer clothes, and bring out sweaters and scarves and mittens in preparation for chilly days to come. 

Little vignette on the bench on our front porch
    I love to augment our home furnishings with seasonal decor, and as I use lots of warm colors in paint, upholstery and accessories, it seems the house is at it's best in Autumn.

Orange seems to dominate this time of year!
     This is the time of year for candles, and slow cookers and roasts in the oven. Here in the Pac NW, the days are drawing in and it is dark by 6 PM. Rain hitting the skylights makes us want to click on the fireplace starter, and that jack o'lantern featured at the top of this posting will soon become pie!
The pie will undoubtedly be prettier than this guy!
     So as boots and wooly socks replace sandals, and t-shirts give way to fleece pullovers, we cozy up, cocoon and invite friends to come and share the flavors of fall. On the menu this weekend will be German style beef rolls, red cabbage and apple strudle. It just seems right for this season of the year!

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  1. Welcome back to blogland! Your cozy descriptions of fall make me almost look forward to the longer nights and rain outside.