Thursday, September 22, 2011

How can it be autumn??/ Where was Summer?

As a person who lives for summer, it has come as a great shock to me that I missed it. I'm not sure whether I missed it because it never arrived, or I was too busy to enjoy it, or perhaps I just didn't recognize it. The weather service tells us this summer has been the coolest on record. It isn't the cool that bothers me, because a body that is in the shape mine is should stay mostly covered anyway. It is the gray. Since when was summer supposed to be gray? Isn't the sun supposed to shine in the summertime?

And then there was the lack of rain. After the wettest spring on record, the rain stopped and everything dried up. Our water bill went from $30.00 to $80.00 for the month, and until the real rain of this past weekend, everything looked as if it was parched and crying for a drink. Oh, and speaking of the rain which fell on September 17 and 18, as badly as we needed it I would rather it had been dry! The last thing we needed when we were expecting dozens of visitors for the Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour was for our visitors to have to traipse through rain!  Up the side yard, through the gate, and finally into my lilliputian studio. And, although I had set up the potters wheel and a wedging table in good faith under a canopy, it was too cool and drippy to even think about demonstrating wheel throwing,

Northwest art lovers are not deterred by rain however, and we had over a hundred cheerful interesting visitors during the course of the weekend. A lovely daughter, a couple of good friends, along with hubby himself gave me cheerful and valuable support, and I could not have done it without them.  Enthusiastic compliments directed toward the creation of ones heart, mind and hands lifts the spirit no matter what the weather. And when visitors exchange dollars for that same work, the process is validated, and another ripple in the pool is created. 

I offer my work for sale because if I did not, it would pile up around me.  I enjoy the interface between those who appreciate hand made pottery, and my being able to furnish it to them. I leave the mark of my hands on my work intentionally, so there is proof that it was made by a pair of hands, and not by a machine. I use glazes that are pleasing to me. Sometimes they meet the demands of the marketplace, and sometimes they do not. The market is never my primary consideration when I am steeped in the creative process. It was a most satifactory weekend, several visitors expressed an interest in classes, and  I received several commisions for work. Nearly everyone expressed an interest in an early shopping opportunity for Christmas gifts.

 Holiday Shopping Open Studio
Saturday, November 12 10AM-5PM 

As I have made the decision to allow my website to go dark when the web hosting contract runs out, my blog will be my major source of communication regarding my pottery. Stay tuned!

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