Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forcing the Season

In November and December, home and garden magazines are full of articles on forcing bulbs for the holidays. Amaryllis  kits are always popular gifts for those who love to watch things grow. But this writer wonders how on earth,  with everything else going on, does anyone have time to think about assembling containers, gravel and bulbs to grow something that takes 3-4 weeks?  Let alone find a place to display this flowering marvel amidst all the greenery and glass balls and garlands and candles and candycanes!
So! My solution is simply wait until the hilarity of the holidays has passes, life returns to winter glum, and everything and everyone needs a little cheering up. January 2nd or 3rd this year seemed like a good day to wash some nice glass containers, get the bulbs that never got planted in the fall together, fill the jars with pebbles, plant the bulbs, and wait. As our days become minutely longer, the dormant bulbs awaken from their year long slumber, yawn and stretch and begin to send up green shoots. Slowly at first, as if to test the air, the light and temperature, the green leaves of paperwhite, daffodill and hyacinth emerge.

Paperwhites and hyacinth are beginning to bloom

There is nothing like the color of fresh bright green to lift the spirits and offer the promise that yes, indeed, Spring will return once more. Our beautiful sunny day today brought out the first flowers of the paperwhites, and a nearly cloudless sky at sunset promises another moonlit night. I'm going to leave the blinds pulled up tonight. The moon is so bright, I think my bulbs may bask and grow in it's glow... and I will enjoy seeing the "Man in the Moon", as he rises to watch over me.

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