Wednesday, November 17, 2010


     Pablo Picasso has come to Seattle! And a very dear friend of mine took me to see him! Well, at least we saw a huge collection of his wonderful masterpieces which are being closely guarded by SAM- Seattle Art Museum. If you never go to another art exhibit in your life, make sure you make the effort to get to this one!
     Organized in chronological order, this collection tells the story of Picasso's life, from his early academic style in his birth country of Spain, through the early experimental period as he travelled back and forth from Paris to Barcelona and to Italy, traversing the cubism period and into his final, deliberate manner producing variations on work of friends and contemporary artists such as Matisse, Manet, and Velazquez.

Chat saisissant un oiseau, 1939 (Musee Picasso, Paris)
       Trancending the artwork is the story of a passionate, sensual man, who was mystifyed by women. The wives, mistresses and lovers in his life dominated his artwork, tormented his dreams, and influenced him in ways which always left a mark on him and his work. 
      One of the things that wasn't discussed much in art appreciation class "way back when" was the evocative, emotive and erotic aspect of Picassos work. He depicted the human body and the full range of human experience through color, entwined limbs, disconnected limbs hanging in limbo,  and flattened perspectives. No aspect of the human form nor human experience was left unexplored.
       Picasso has been acclaimed as "one of the worlds greatest artists", the "greatest artist of our time",  and the "father of contemporary art".  I only know that I was deeply moved to see this monumental collection so wonderfully exhibited, and enjoyed by so many people. Almost as much fun as seeing the Picassos close up and personal, was watching the audience enjoying the work. I saw one lovely couple, arms entwined, nuzzling one another while whispering about one particularly erotic piece! I can only imagine what they were thinking...

Femme au fauteuil rouge (Marie Therese) 1932 (Musee Picasso, Paris)
      The exhibit will be hung until January 17, 2011. Southwest airlines has great fares to Seattle in the winter,  so if you don't live within driving distance, you still have no excuse. And.. by the way, the Bourscheidt B&B is acclaimed for it's warm hospitality, personal limo service and gourmet dinners!

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