Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friends and Fun - The Perfect Fall Day

     Following our unending summer of gray, who knew that fall could be so glorious? Autumn sunshine, steeped in hues of gold and bronze, brings along soft breezes with just a hint of chill in the air. The fragrance of damp bark and moss blends with a wiff of wood smoke now and again, and the crunch of leaves underfoot encourages us to linger a little longer, savoring each moment to make it last as long as possible.
     On Wednesday four of us set off for Bloedel Reserve, a garden treasure hiding discreetly down a winding lane on Bainbridge Island. Bloedel is the sort of place that can be visited any time of year, in any weather condition, because it allows us to experience  a blend of northwest natural landscape at it's finest, and the changing of the seasons in the cultivated areas of this beautiful estate.

Leaves just beginning to turn in mid-October
       The grounds on Bloedel encompass about 2 miles of easily walked trails, and we leisurely strolled along, completing the loop in about 2 1/2 hours.  As groups of four women are bound to do, we chatted about special plants that captured our attention and relied on one another to help with identification of unknown species. We paired off back and forth as one or two would slow to examine a certain plant more closely, or gaze in wonderment (new word for me) at yet another one of mother nature's magnificent offerings.

Fallen log draped magnificently with fern

A glint of sunlight on a sapphire-blue lace cap hydragea

     The warmth and camraderie that abounds from sharing a beautiful day in the company of kindred spirits is a gift we must remember to give ourselves as we all go about our busy lives. Making time to enjoy the company of others helps us understand ourselves more fully. My companions on Wednesday are new friends I'm just getting to know, and learning, through our myriad differences, we share much in common.

A beautiful trestle bridge ove a small canyon provided the perfect perch for a picture of my friends.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I love getting on the computer and researching, and putting my thoughts into words. As I haven't been doing any serious free lance writing of late, I thought the perfect solution was to set up a blog. I could write about anything on my mind, add some photos and publish! How hard could that be? I spend a couple of hours at the keyboard everyday anyway, and it will only take a few minutes to "blog" every day. So if that is true, then why is it nearly a month has passed since my last entry?

There are certainly lots of themes floating through my head. Daily life affords plenty of opportunities for taking pictures which seem to add interest to my verbose meanderings. And I have a close friend who chides me occasionally about updating my blog. Could it be that I set up unrealistic expectations that I would make an entry on my blog daily, when perhaps less frequently would be more reasonable? Perhaps managing my time more effectively and finding the most ideal time each day to write is the key to consistent blogging. Most likely, however  the real reason has more to do with self discipline and follow through , and losing the habit of procrastination.

So, to blog or not to blog.  I like the idea of a blog, and can see lots of practical uses for maintaining one. So for the time being, blog I shall, and hereby make a committment to myself and my readers ( whoever or however few they may be) to  make an entry at least a few times each week. We shall see where this takes us all...