Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's About Time

Where oh where does the time go??? My loyal mate sets up the coffee pot before bed every night so I wake up early (sometimes just a little after 6AM) and always get to pour a fresh cup of fragrant, deep roasted eye opener. Meanwhile, the computer is warming up and while enjoying those first few sips of  "joe" I open my email account to see what is going on in my little world... not much usually, though. World Market, Pottery Barn and Michaels are all featuring sales of the century; Ooh La La is enticing me with bargains on all sorts of things I don't need; Southwests "Ding" wants me to fly to places I've never heard of and oh! there is a note from an old friend, one from a daughter, and a notice about garden club. Tummy growling, I head back to the kitchen for more coffee and my cholesterol lowering breakfast of oatmeal, walnuts, cinnamon, and low fat milk, all drizzled with a splash of flax oil.. (don't laugh! I lowered my cholesterol 40 points in 3 months eating this concoction) and the good news is, the taste grows on you! Suddenly it's 9:30AM- Yikes where have the past 3 plus hours gone? I'll just betcha' that as we get older, the new atomic clocks we buy with the big numbers so we can see them from across the room are revved up on atomic time. I can prove this, because after putting the oatmeal dish to soak in the sink (loyal mate does the dishes and objects to chiseling cement-like goop off the sides of my bowl), I head down the hall, make the bed, get dressed and make my to-do list for the day. Now the clock says 11AM, and we all know it can't possibly take 5 hours just to check email, eat breakfast and get dressed. So either the clock is running at the speed of light or I'm losing a lot of time... So! Today I decided to keep closer tabs on my minutes and hours, and I really put them to good use.  Now if I could just find my glasses!

Lillipution studio  is cozy, bright, easy to heat and just the right size for me!
      Just to prove that I used my found time productively, I worked on pottery all afternoon today. I took this picture after tidying up, so I thought you'd like to see  my studio while it is relatively clean. It's 12'x16' feet, houses a rolling work table, slab roller, spray booth, potters wheel, 6' counter with sink,  and lots of shelves.
      Below is a shot of some projects left to dry on the deck. Drying clay is the biggest challenge a NW potter faces, so these few warm dry days are most welcome.
Leaf motif greenware drying in the sun
      Members of the Harbor Gardener chapter of the Northwest Perennial Alliance will be visiting in a couple of weeks to make clay projects with leaves from their gardens, so these pieces will give them an idea of items they may like to create. Now I see it is already time to go to bed, and in a few short hours the cycle will repeat itself, time spinning ever so rapidly into the future, while I'm jogging along, trying to keep up. I think it's about time to learn to fit my life into the time I am given, rather than trying stretch time to fit my life. Yes, it's about time!

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