Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enjoying the best Robert Redford has to offer...

Today has been another first....A beautiful visit to Sundance resort under crystal blue skies while enjoying delightful company!  A 3.5 mile hike to the dramatic Stewart Falls.  Not only was it invigorating but gave me renewed confidence in my ability to march up a mountainside in blazing heat, thankful for the shady respite offered by lovely groves of scrub oak along the way.  Sundance sits at about 6,000' altitude which takes its toll on a respiratory system that has been living at sea level for the last 5 years!

As these words note, this is a harsh yet incredibly beautiful part of our country.  Formed by many processes including glaciers, the views on our hike were breathtaking. 

What relief we felt once we arrived at the base of these 200' falls.  

Anyone up for coming to the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011?!?!?!?!?!?
P.S. Thanks to my sweet and spunky friend Maddy for the use of her camera as mine is back home in Gig Harbor.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Losing a friend

There is nothing which forces us to face our own mortality like losing a friend. Our dear Clay Jackson lost his fight with cancer on Tuesday, August 3, leaving behind our beloved Susan with a broken heart. What joy to have known them as a couple. Soulmates. Best friends. That sort of elusive relationship that everyone hopes for, but few actually find.
Clay knew no stranger, approached life with enthusiasm, joy, exhuberance and passion. Everyone who met him liked him, because he made everyone feel so valuable. Clay wasn't afraid to express his feelings, and he was compassionate, complimentary and always congenial.
What a lesson we can learn from Clay who set an example, even in the face of looming terminal illness, of joy and good humor. What a lesson we can learn from Susan, of dedication and loving care even when she was sleep deprived and suffering from the loss of her loving man and the overwhelmingly huge change that would take place in her life.
Those of us who have the privilege of being invited into their inner circle, have been given the gift of meeting Clay's family, too. All of them, kind, loving, exuberant, larger than life personalities who embrace those who loved Clay as their own.
The experience of watching Clay's life slip away over these past few months has made me mindful that it isn't how long we live that matters, it's how well we live. It isn't that we love, but that we love to the fullest extent of our being. And that we remember to laugh out loud, from the inside out, a laugh that takes our breath away- to laugh at ourselves, our foibles, and share laughter with others about our human frailties and the pure comedy of life in general.
Rest in Peace, dear Clay - you will live long and large in our memories of you. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How time flies....

Where oh, where does the time go??? Here it is August 1 already- and although I try not to complain, we are having the lousiest summer weather on the face of the planet! The tomatoes are barely setting on- a few are about walnut size- hopefully we will have a long warm fall, or the garden will be a bust this year!
    That's not exactly true... we had a bumper crop of snow peas, when they finally got started. The March seeding resulted in moldy seeds that never sprouted as the soil was just way too cold and wet. The May seeding grew quickly, then went from blossom to huge pods in two weeks!

The last of the snow peas which will be in a salad tonight!

The carrots are performing admirably, and the second seeding of YaYa's are coming along nicely, but some little critter is eating the tops . Now it's time to think about planting the fall crop of beets, parsnips, late letettuces, and winter squash... I wonder if I'll bother? The cucumbers are just now beginning to flower- on the 1st of August! So much for global warming! At least the good old reliable zucchini type squash plants are producing! I planted Cocozelles this year... the bees love the blossoms! I love them, too- especially stuffed with goat cheese mixed with chopped peaches and a little fresh basil!

The garden has been full of pollinators this summer!