Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Priceless Treasure in Our Own back Yard

Olympic National Park covers over 600,000 acres of incredibly beautiful and diverse ecosystems. It is located at the northwestern most corner of Washington State, and it's bounderies wander between pristine wilderness beaches and lush verdant rainforests. There are trails for equestrians, wilderness backpackers, day hikers and those confined to wheelchairs.
Giant Western Red Cedar trees tower hundreds of feet into the air, some as much as 16 feet in diameter at their base. What a thrill for children to be able to see what an old growth forest looks like!

Winter storms toss giant logs like toothpicks onto pristine sand beaches.
 Life abounds in the little pools left behind at low tide.
Rock stacks are formed by the continuous action of the waves as the land erodes and is reclaimed by the sea. In many ways it is refreshing to visit a place so remote, that cell phones cut in and out and wifi service is next to impossible to find. What refreshment of the spirit occurs when one is unplugged for a few days!
Take a few days and see what this amazing gem of a park has to offer. There is a little something for everyone, and the blue skies, babbling brooks, unending beaches, clean uncrowded campgrounds and well marked trails make this park a true gem- right in my own back yard!  

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