Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Summer consists of 3 fine days and a thundershower" Old English saying

Funny- I have 3 varieties of lilies and they are all orange!

     The sun is down on Day 2 of TWO (count 'em TWO)! full days in a row of sunshine!!! I was finally able to stop drying pots in the oven, get a glaze firing done last night, and a bisque load has just fired off so will get glazed tomorrow. The Gig Harbor Garden Tour is this weekend, so I've been scrambling to get as many plant markers, pots, bird feeders and leaf art finished as possible. Hopefully the weather will hold thru the weekend.
     Taking a break from the studio, I wandered around the back yard and snapped a few pictures of thngs that are starting to bloom. We have a pretty spring garden, but then there is a long green stretch until the summer flowers start to pop... It would serve me well to make some notes and consider bloom times when visiting nurseries.

Who remembers when we used to wear pink and grey together?

Two leaf platters fresh from the kiln!

     What pleasure warm weather brings- bare feet, short sleeved t-shirts, capris, ice tea, cool meals, fresh fruit, clamming- and sleeping with the windows open. Two days into summer (but who's counting)???


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