Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gardeners Day Out

Early in the day we enjoyed the elaborate and much loved Julia Graham garden, trekking up and down beautifully adorned pathways on the gentle slope, finding delight in every twist and turn. Beautifully framed vistas of water features, interesting plants, colorful pot combinations and comfy seating areas brought oohs and ahhs from each of us.

We found amazing prices and friendly staff at Todds Nursery, and enjoyed a yummy lunch and great camraderie at Windmill Bistro. The split pea soup of the day was sublime! Shopping at Windmill gardens is always a treat, and the 12 of us soon began to see that space in our vehicles became a premium as trunks and back seats were loaded with leafy, blousy, "must haves" for our gardens.

Later, as the skies darkened we shivered under our anoracs, shared umbrellas and huddled under any shelter available while lightning flashed, thunder roared and hail pelted the roof of Plant Passions little shop. While assembling for our final picture of the day, we all agreed on how much fun we had, how nice it was to make new friends, and unanimously, we had indeed, "shopped 'til we dropped".

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