Sunday, June 27, 2010

A highly successful weekend -

     Exhausted from a weekend of peddling my pottery at the Gig Harbor Garden Tour, it's a great feeling to know so many folks support such a worthy cause. The Garden Tour benefits the Adult Literacy program through Tacoma Community College.  I was assigned to set up my booth in the beautiful Keiter garden in Canterwood Estates where we had nearly 600 visitors in 2 days.
     It is possible that pottery shows away from home are becoming too labor intensive for me to continue. Packing a couple hundred pounds of pots, loading them in the car, lugging them to a set up site, displaying, rearranging, selling, wrapping, packing, lugging back to the car, unloading and unpacking back in the studio just takes too much out of this old girl. The part that is most enjoyable is the interaction with folks who like my pottery. When my pottery is purchased and carried away it is an affirmation that people like to connect with the producer of  handcraft, and are seeking handmade as an alternative to mass produced. At this writing, I'm looking forward to a garden-party-style open studio in August- right here at home.

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