Sunday, June 27, 2010

A highly successful weekend -

     Exhausted from a weekend of peddling my pottery at the Gig Harbor Garden Tour, it's a great feeling to know so many folks support such a worthy cause. The Garden Tour benefits the Adult Literacy program through Tacoma Community College.  I was assigned to set up my booth in the beautiful Keiter garden in Canterwood Estates where we had nearly 600 visitors in 2 days.
     It is possible that pottery shows away from home are becoming too labor intensive for me to continue. Packing a couple hundred pounds of pots, loading them in the car, lugging them to a set up site, displaying, rearranging, selling, wrapping, packing, lugging back to the car, unloading and unpacking back in the studio just takes too much out of this old girl. The part that is most enjoyable is the interaction with folks who like my pottery. When my pottery is purchased and carried away it is an affirmation that people like to connect with the producer of  handcraft, and are seeking handmade as an alternative to mass produced. At this writing, I'm looking forward to a garden-party-style open studio in August- right here at home.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Summer consists of 3 fine days and a thundershower" Old English saying

Funny- I have 3 varieties of lilies and they are all orange!

     The sun is down on Day 2 of TWO (count 'em TWO)! full days in a row of sunshine!!! I was finally able to stop drying pots in the oven, get a glaze firing done last night, and a bisque load has just fired off so will get glazed tomorrow. The Gig Harbor Garden Tour is this weekend, so I've been scrambling to get as many plant markers, pots, bird feeders and leaf art finished as possible. Hopefully the weather will hold thru the weekend.
     Taking a break from the studio, I wandered around the back yard and snapped a few pictures of thngs that are starting to bloom. We have a pretty spring garden, but then there is a long green stretch until the summer flowers start to pop... It would serve me well to make some notes and consider bloom times when visiting nurseries.

Who remembers when we used to wear pink and grey together?

Two leaf platters fresh from the kiln!

     What pleasure warm weather brings- bare feet, short sleeved t-shirts, capris, ice tea, cool meals, fresh fruit, clamming- and sleeping with the windows open. Two days into summer (but who's counting)???


Friday, June 18, 2010

House full of Family

What a riot! One daughter arrives with family in tow at 10PM- the other needs to be picked up at midnight... never mind that my bedtime is 10:18PM! Thankfully daughter arriving at 10 agrees to drive to SeaTac to pick up daughter at midnight- of course the least I could do is ride along. It was a nice ride- detour at interstate, but otherwise uneventful, and chatty all the way home. Everyone found beds- hide-a-bed in living room; air mattresses in library, couch in office and the daughter staying for the weekend and SO (significant-other) in guest room. Morning was good fun- everyone being quiet trying not to disturb others in our 1600sqft space...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Incredible Recipes

I love to cook- and my very favorite recipes are those that look and taste as if you have spent hours slaving over them, but in reality they are so fast and easy it's almost like magic.
Over lunch the other day, I promised some friends I would share one of my favoite "Out-of-thin-air recipes" (a phrase coined by my daughter).
This recipe is for Lava Cakes- decadent oozey chocolate emerging from the cakey crust when pierced with the fork. We served these to some visitors from Germany the other day- I told them they were "Mount St Helen's Cakes" The lava oozing from within, the strawberries and whipped cream representing the fruits and flowers now growing the the flanks of the volcano, and of course, the snow on the top!

Bon apetit!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Intrepid Harbor Gardeners

Gardeners Day Out

Early in the day we enjoyed the elaborate and much loved Julia Graham garden, trekking up and down beautifully adorned pathways on the gentle slope, finding delight in every twist and turn. Beautifully framed vistas of water features, interesting plants, colorful pot combinations and comfy seating areas brought oohs and ahhs from each of us.

We found amazing prices and friendly staff at Todds Nursery, and enjoyed a yummy lunch and great camraderie at Windmill Bistro. The split pea soup of the day was sublime! Shopping at Windmill gardens is always a treat, and the 12 of us soon began to see that space in our vehicles became a premium as trunks and back seats were loaded with leafy, blousy, "must haves" for our gardens.

Later, as the skies darkened we shivered under our anoracs, shared umbrellas and huddled under any shelter available while lightning flashed, thunder roared and hail pelted the roof of Plant Passions little shop. While assembling for our final picture of the day, we all agreed on how much fun we had, how nice it was to make new friends, and unanimously, we had indeed, "shopped 'til we dropped".